Here’s a place for everyone to leave notes about the launch!  Please be respectful and note that it is completely public. Anyone can leave a note or comment.  If you want to send photos, send them to grits@gritslaunch.com. I’ll post them as soon as I can.

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  1. Would the webmaster please change the link to the video of my Level 2 cert flight on the front page of this site to this link: https://youtu.be/s8BJXjgZH2E

    (I tried to also post the embed code, but I don’t think this comment page allows the posting of html code.)

    It’s the same video, just from a different YouTube channel. I will be deleting the video that is currently linked as soon as you confirm the change.

    Thank you very much,
    Eric Bessman

  2. Unless things change drastically…………………..It is as dry as a powder house. And can guarantee that your rocket won’t get lost in the wheat. Bring a dust mask!

  3. Chris, they are starting to pick the wheat. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be located before the harvester eats it. They are supposed to be on the lookout for it.


  4. GRITS 2016 Flight Card Statistics
    Including Saturday and Sunday there were a total of forty-one participants launching 119 rockets.
    Motor ignition counts were as follows (includes clusters & multi-stage):
    A – 5
    B – 8
    C – 18
    D – 8
    E – 14
    F – 10
    G – 21
    H – 18
    I – 12
    J – 4
    K – 7
    L – 1
    M – 2
    N – 1

  5. We have located a Super Neon XL. Parachute still in tree. Rubber band broke. If you know the owner please let them know.
    Scott White, your rocket is hiding like an Easter egg. We still haven’t found it.

    1. Wow, you guys are amazing! Your kindness to complete strangers is to be commended. That is most likely my super neon xl. It was about 40 feet up in an oak tree that was split into two trunks at the base. We wedged dead limbs between the two to try and shake it down.

      1. As far as the other rocket goes that I left the note about (Estes Argent), here’s the location to the best of my memory. I would put the approximate coordinates as 31.272313, -83.353007 in google maps. It’s very high (maybe 60 ft) in a large oak tree. I would guess the tree was well over two feet in diameter. It wasn’t very far in from the edge of the tree line. There was a fair amount of brush at the base. You can pretty much see the red parachute before spotting the rest of the rocket body. The branch it is perched on is behind the tree, but angled toward the clearing on the right if you are coming from the house/road.

          1. Thanks ! We saw that picture this morning and was pretty sure that had to be it.

  6. We have located one rocket. It is a multi-colored rocket. I remember seeing a lady with it on sunday. To the others that lost rockets we will continue to search. There was one that was in an oak tree behind the houses that we still haven’t located. Didn’t get that guys name. Need more specific directions. Jake and Chris don’t give up we will hopefully find them before the wheat is ready to be harvested.

    1. Kathy,
      That’s very kind, thank you. I am tremendously appreciative that you have taken time out of your day to search for our lost rockets.

      1. Chris, I think the wheat Gods have swallowed your rocket. We have looked and looked. I know that is not what you wanted to hear. We will keep searching.

        1. Kathy,
          You are correct – that wheat field eats rockets! Thank you again for searching – I’m very appreciative that you have been helping us look for these lost rockets!

  7. Thanks for everyone coming out to GRITS 2016. We seem to continue to be plagued by the weather. Maybe one of these days we will get three days of sunshine like we did on Sunday.

    Congrats to everyone that did their Certification flights. I hope everyone enjoyed my Level II Cert. Flight on my 1:25 scale Saturn V (didn’t keep it simple did I..???). Sorry the T-8.6 seconds smoke and flame effect did not go as planned, I was just out of range for the remote to work, seemed to be some interference.

    Had a great time and saw some really high flying birds, not to mention the Sparky’s…
    Also thanks for Chris Rockets and JonRocket for being part of the event.

    1. Dark blue sky…Yeah, heh, heh.
      It was an amazing thing to see in person. Not too many Ns launched around here. THANKS! I am so glad that you got it back. Love the GPS tracking 3d shot. Landed in a wide open field!?!?!?! I think you have used up all your luck for quite a while.

  8. Great day, great people, great rockets. Thanks to all for the hard work and gray hairs putting this event on. Special thanks to the Curry family for their hospitality. Kevin, as always thanks for the magnificent photos.

  9. On the bright side, the wheat sure does make a beautiful backdrop in all the photos!

  10. A sincere “Thank you!” to all the SoAR members and others who made this launch a success, rain delays and all. Great job guys! Your efforts are appreciated. Thanks again to Jorge Blanco for administering the Level 2 exam and witnessing my Level 2 Certification flight.

  11. If anyone finds a 2.25″ diameter rocket, translucent fiberglass body, carbon fiber fins, aluminum motor case retainer, and aluminum electronics pod, please contact Chris Keir @ 678 576-4862, or Christopher.s.keir@gmail.com. I also lost (to the wheat field) a red parachute, yellow lines, connected to a 54mm nose cone and one carbon fiber tube with a garmin gps transmitter (and a useless battery) in the nose cone. I doubt any of this will be/has been found, but if these items are found, please contact me. Thank you, and thanks to the two club members that helped me search for these items today, as well as the SOAR members for holding the launch event this weekend.

      1. Mr/Mrs Wilson, the rocket landed to the west side of the field (left side if driving towards the launch pad area on the access road/path that was used today), and appeared to land about 3/4 of the distance from the launch pad area to the vicinity of telephone pole on this side of the field. The other rocket items I mentioned are from the same rocket, and they landed about 150-200 yards in from Lee Wilson Rd, and 150-200 yards to the left of the access path. We searched for a few hours today in these areas. Thank you for replying to my original post.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Hope to see you there… I will be arriving around 10 AM… How was the field and launching today ?

  12. Coy Hancock rd will be paved cross road before you get to Talmadge Lindsey Rd.Intersection of 125 and Coy Hancock Road turn right follow Coy Hancock Rd. until you see Benjamin Lindsey Rd. on left. Two story house across from this paved road. Go down Benjamin Lindsey Rd . You will come to a cross road and then it will turn into dirt and be Lee Wilson Rd. Go straight across and launch site road will be on your left.

  13. The approach road that is mostly dirt is not advisable. You must use Coy Hancock to Benjamin Lindsey road to get to the field. Take Highway 125 from Tifton and then turn right onto Coy Hancock and then left on Benjamin Lindsey. That minimizes the amount of dirt road to traverse.

  14. Hey this is the neighbors across from the launch site. We need a contact number to let you know about an alternate route to launch site. Water over the road in two places.

  15. It looks like Chris short will be setting up his shop here at the hotel parking lot this morning and we will be hanging out until we’ve had at least a little bit of sunlight break through the clouds. We’re at the Comfort Inn in Tifton Georgia.

  16. Hey .. I can see the sun! 🙂

    Looks like we might get some flights in the air today!

    Let us know when we can head out to the field. We’re just hangin’ out at the Days Inn until we hear an announcement.

    (Ironically, this hotel is filled with people attended a mud race in the area. There are several truck pulling trailers with mud racers on them.)

    1. Roger, Chris Short has set up in the parking lot at the Comfort Inn. Maybe you should head there and see if you can set up as well.

  17. Checking in before driving down, if someone could post an update or all clear it would be greatly appreciated!