About Georgia Rockets In The Sky

GRITS is produced by SoAR (Southern Area Rocketry), a National Association of Rocketry section, serving Atlanta and North Georgia. SoAR has produced or co-produced two NAR National Sport Launches (in 1999 and 2008).

GRITS started in April 2011, and was held twice, in spring and in late fall near Calhoun, GA. It was nice to finally be able to hold a regional launch close to Atlanta. However, the original launch site was lost in early 2012 due to a change in landowners and a change in use. In Spring 2012 we changed to a shorter launch at a smaller field in middle Georgia for something we called Mini-GRITS, but for the past couple of years we have been holding GRITS on a new large field to restore the original vision of a large regional launch. Since the new field is nearer to the border with Florida, we decided to adopt the name of the well-remembered winter Florida launch called the WinterNationals, which was held through much of the 2000’s. ¬†From 2014-2016 we held three yearly launches marred by rains. For 2017 we will hold “Turkey and GRITS” on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and one or two two-day launches at the Tifton site.

Visit SoAR at our website at http://www.soarrocketry.org !

Volunteer to work a shift on the range during the launch: GRITS Launch Duty Sign-Up.